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CLASS DEPOSIT!!! Secure your seat***

Are you ready to create a flawless beat everyday?!

This hands-on makeup course is for my Glam Dolls who wants to beat their own face, and for ONLY $300 with a deposit of only $50 !

During this course you will learn the proper way to:

1. Proper cleaning techniques for flawless skin

2. Prep your skin for your makeup  

3. Learn what we call a "Mini Face"

  • Foundation, brows, lashes, light contour, and an everyday lip!

4. EXCLUSIVE eyeshadow tutorial w/ 12 color eyeshadow pallet included!!!

Once your deposit is paid you will receive an email confirming your course enrollment.  This email will also include detailed products and brushes to have in your personal makeup kit, this will turn it from Okayyy to SLAYYY!




This course can be booked as a ONE on ONE at the same rate!  Just pick your day and time. Same course but just you and I!

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