Amber, CEO and owner. 


   As a young college student, Amber always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Once Amber realized that the beauty industry is where she wanted to be, she started her career and never looked back.

   In 2012, she had taken a job with MAC cosmetics in Atlanta, Georgia at Lenox Square Mall. She continued to be a beauty advisor for the next three years with the company. Once she began to see how her skills were developing, she took it upon herself to become a freelance makeup artist building her own brand in late 2015. As her confidence began to rise, Amber went to China to start “Beauty to the World” as we know it today. 

   Beauty to the World now has over 20 products and supplies for you to choose from, and it is still growing! The company successfully launched its website in 2018, making the brand more accessible to its customers, products, and services. We have yet to let adversity overcome building a brand, legacy, and dream team! In the future, Beauty to the World will become a full service salon offering hair, make up, lashes, skincare, and nail products for servicing and retail purchases. 

So, shop Beauty to the World!